Situated at the heart of the China sea, Taiwan stands as a thriving hub
for adventure and greenery. The small island nation is abundant in natural resources
and a member of the East Asian Tigers with its quick growing economy.

Teaching in Taiwan

Taiwan is a culturally diverse society, but there are still some childrens don’t have chance to explore the world at the moment. We are aiming to bring more diverse experiences, cultures and activities to Taiwan to let every single child know that they have the ability to make the world a better place, because they are a part of it.

Job Description

  • Design and facilitate informative sessions with the organizing committee of the high school camp.
  • Cooperate with local volunteers and other exchange participants.
  • Prepare lectures about global issues and cultural events during the pre-camp period.
  • Give Taiwanese students a multicultural immersion experience from organized a Global Village.
  • Lead a team (include 10-15 high school students) with your local partners.
  • Record experiences by closing report and video making.


  • You can literally find convenience stores on EVERY corner
  • There are 14 indigenous tribes in Taiwan and each of them has its own language
  • First Asian Country to legalise gay marriage
  • Recycling is taken very seriously, you will see!

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2. Interview

Once we find a match, we can start the process of organising interviews and putting things in place for your internship.

3. Confirm & Pay

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We provide a local host family so you can live closely with locals and genuinely experience their culture and understand them on a deeper level.


Your NGO, school or host family should provide 1 to 2 meals per day during the project. Are you excited to try the different types of food available in Taiwan?

Incoming Preparation Seminar

For better understanding of your project and the country you’re living in for 6 to 8 weeks, we provide a welcome seminar for you to prepare yourself for this new start.

Arrival pick up

You might feel terrified being alone when you first arrive in a country you have never been to before. No worries, someone will be waiting to pick you up and show you where to go!

Country Tour

Don’t want to be stuck in the same place, but don’t know where to travel? Then join the tours run by local guides and experience authentic Taiwanese culture!

Exchange buddy

It’s quite daunting to go to a new country with a completely different culture all by yourself, but don’t worry! You will be assigned to a local buddy to provide you with support and to help you understand Taiwan.

Farewell Party

Before saying goodbye we’ll host a farewell dinner and party. We hope you’ll end your experience with fond memories!

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"It has been life changing to say the least"

I was always told “Experiences that challenge the perception you have of yourself and the world are the most precious things you’ll ever have." The experiences that have been made possible for me by AIESEC are certainly some of the most precious learnings, connections and memories I will have in a long long time. It has been life-changing, to say the least! least!
- Yi Zhang, University of Auckland

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