ACE - Tata Consultancy Services

With India being one of New Zealand’s leading trading partner with over $1.2b worth of trade its important that we are understanding how to work with indian businesses and realise the potential on a global context. Through ACE, TCS is offering young professionals the opportunity to learn and grow at one of the leading IT companies in the world. Experience certainty with TCS. TCS currently hosts over 145 interns from 30 nationalities around India.

Job Description

  • Roles are available in software development (Python, Android and Java), English service desk, resource management, marketing executive internships and content marketing and creation.
  • Help build a strong employer brand globally
  • Showcase TCS as an employer of choice
  • Enhance the diversity of TCS' workforce
  • Improve the cultural diversity in TCS’ employee demographics

About India

  • India is home to an array of peoples and spiritual traditions, you can visit the sacred sites of Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism and experience the diversity of a country with 22 official languages.
  • Indian history stretches back thousands of years, visit ancient monuments such as the world famous Taj Mahal or walk in the footsteps of Gandhi during your stay.
  • Indian food is more than just curry! Try the rich Mughlai cuisine of the north, with luxurious desserts and hearty meals, or the spicy foods of the south made with tropical coconuts and seafood.

A few clicks away to have a life-changing experience

1. Sign up & Apply

Sign up on our AIESEC Opportunities Portal and apply for your preferred international experience.

2. Interview

Once we find a match, we can start the process of organising interviews and putting things in place for your internship.

3. Confirm & Pay

Congratulations! You’ll have made it through the interview. From here we’ll get you prepared for your new adventure. More Info.

Living Support

- TCS provides a salary of 50k rupees (1070 NZD) + 3k rupees in food card monthly.
- Accomodation for the first 2 weeks
- TCS Health Insurance
- After internship completion, return flight tickets are provided
- Free access to gym, libraries and social activities in TCS


Your host should provide 1 to 2 meals per day during the project. Are you excited to try the different types of food available in India?

Incoming Preparation Seminar

For better understanding of your project and the country you’re living in for 6 to 8 weeks, we provide a welcome seminar for you to prepare yourself for this new start.

Arrival pick up

You might feel terrified being alone when you first arrive in a country you have never been to before. No worries, someone will be waiting to pick you up and show you where to go!

Country Tour

Don’t want to be stuck in the same place, but don’t know where to travel? Then join the tours run by local guides and experience authentic Indian culture!

Exchange buddy

It’s quite daunting to go to a new country with a completely different culture all by yourself, but don’t worry! You will be assigned to a local buddy to provide you with support and to help you understand India.

Farewell Party

Before saying goodbye we’ll host a farewell dinner and party. We hope you’ll end your experience with fond memories!

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